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Since opening in 2011, the success of Basil inspired Basil Hospitality Group to branch out into diverse offerings, from a creative bakery to an upscale charcuterie and steak restaurant.

BHG offers a diverse array of endeavors and products that are the result of a fostering, creative, and collaborative ethos that runs through the very core of the group. BHG combines high-end customer experiences and creative atmospheres for both patron and employee to create a fun, professional, and collaborative environment between its establishments unique to the industry.

Our Team

Kimberly Plakfe

Raised in South Florida by a food-obsessed family, it was only natural for Kimberly to start cooking at just 14 years old. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, she spent more time testing new recipes than actually studying. Shortly after college, she moved to New York City and enrolled at the prestigious French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center).

Soon after, Kimberly began working as a line cook at David Burke’s Fishtail, where she eventually became Jr. Sous Chef. She then moved on to The Cannibal Beer and Butcher, became Senior Sous Chef. She began overseeing menu development, whole animal fabrication, and charcuterie production under the Executive Chef.

Kimberly then spent the next year-and-a-half as Executive Chef of Prawn Shop in Park Slope before leaving to become Basil Hospitality Group's Executive Chef. At BHG she is utilizing her knowledge and experience to uplift and oversee Basil Pizza & Wine Bar, Bakerie and Kingston Lounge, all while running the upscale tasting-style restaurant, MEAT, focusing on old, new, and unusual culinary techniques in meat."

Alex Roberts

Alex first started baking at a part-time job in high school, unaware it would later develop into his career. He moved to New York at 18, began working in kitchens part time, and soon decided to pursue baking full time with the help of several great mentors.

Just as he turned 21, he moved to Paris and continued to hone his skills. Here he also started his own small project selling donuts from a tricycle. A year later he returned to NYC with a deeper love of French pastries and a strong desire to recreate them. Bakerie has since welcomed him with a blank canvas to create the pastries that inspire him most.

Reva Castillenti

After graduating from with a Bachelor's degree in sculpture, Reva moved to New York City to focus on her art practice. While working as a Gallery Director in Chelsea, her gallery lost its funding and Reva's secondary job as a Barista was suddenly her only source of income. Luckily the head baker saw the parallel between her background in sculpture and the potential for becoming a bread baker.

Once given the opportunity, her passion for baking bread developed under an apprenticeship. Gaining experience over a few years, collecting skills and techniques, and training new bakers, Reva grew into a position of managing a bread production.

Joe Trad

Coming a long way from his first job as a dishwasher in a St. Louis Marriott at just 15 years old, Joe serves as Managing Partner of Basil Hospitality Group. He studied hospitality in college, but then went on to work in international relations and public diplomacy in the Middle East.

After four years, Joe returned the the US and reawakened his passion for what he'd studied. He excels at personnel & operational management, and even helps design & oversee the construction our spaces. Though he may be deep in the operations side of management, he never lost his desire to and passion for bringing true Midwestern hospitality to the East Coast


Hiring the right people, training them for excellence, and giving them room to grow is what sets us apart. We take care of our team through competitive compensation and meaningful benefits.

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